We enable therapy developers to bring better therapies to patients, sooner.

The Collaborative Trajectory Analysis Project (cTAP) brings together all the stakeholders in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community to solve critical problems in drug development with a sense of urgency for the thousands of patients who are waiting for treatments.


Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Faster Learning from Patient Data

The critical problems in drug development for Duchenne are just too big for any one organization or stakeholder to solve alone.

cTAP has created a neutral and pre-competitive space where all stakeholder groups are incentivized to work together with the mutual sense of urgency needed for the thousands of Duchenne patients awaiting treatments.

Showing the Way

Deeper Insights

cTAP’s powerful biostatistical analytics unlock the power of individual patient data and help turn complex natural history data…

…into unambiguous insights that drive the potential for more effective clinical trial design.

Drugs to Patients Sooner

Smarter Drug Development

Using the cTAP platform, researchers have for the first time categorized the heterogeneity of natural history progression that underpins many of the challenges in Duchenne drug development and developed prognostic models that more than double power.

This and other breakthroughs by cTAP collaborators have the potential to enhance clinical trial design and analysis, identify prognostic factors, and guide biomarker research.

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cTAP exists for the benefit of all members of the Duchenne community.

We are committed to promptly sharing scientific findings, insights, and overall progress with the entire community.